Welcome to Indigital Recording Studios

Welcome to Indigital. More than a studio, more than a music production facility. California's Central Coasts premier recording venue, educational facility, and audio fun factory.


Indigital Recording Studios is a 3500 sqft., 2 story music creation, and recording facility. We offer 2 studios for recording, mixing, and mastering, with an additional 5 isolation rooms dedicated to acoustic perfection. Each recording room offers multiple acoustic characteristics with state of the art design along with complete isolation and comfort. Catering to projects of any size or acoustic need, Indigital's 1200 sqft. 25 foot tall large recording room delivers an amazing quality of reverberant sound, boasting its 7 piece modular skyline diffusor and absorber system, in this room the acoustic quality is second to none.

Indigital holds a substantial amount of pro industry standard audio recording and music production equipment, varying from the best modern analog interfaces to prized vintage gear praised by so many.


Recent Projects

2000 to 2014

Indigital Recording Studio is operated by the best ears in the business. Our In-House producers have worked with all genres and many different artists...Rappin 4Tay, Chris Rene, EverclearLady Antebellum, Chromeo, The Fat Kids, Victor Ohana Hawaiian Band, The Shook Twins, UCSC String Quartet, Cloud 9 - 13 Person Acapella Group, Andre Nickatina, Bun B UGK, San Quinn, Yukmouth, Ribseys Nickle, Cruzmatic, and many many more.  We keep the highest standard of Recording, Mixing, and Mastering for all.



Mr. Rappin 4Tay was just in the house with the Fat Kids, some real live motown magic happing here. Look out for the furture release of the Indigital Edition of Players Club and I'll Be Around.

Chris Rene new releases with Monikape. Some seriously quality productions and vocals coming out of these guys. Rep SC.

Feel free to make any inquiries about Recording, Mixing or Mastering by clicking on our contact link above, or call our booking office @ 831-419-6070 or 1 (855) RecordToday.

This Month Recording @ Indigital Recording Studios: 

Rappin 4Tay - Stephen Smartt - Eliquate - Fubar - City Sin Angel - Mc Change - Cruzmatic - Sheena - Shark In The Water - Twice As Good - Peter Cor - Moon Caddilac - DBD Enterprise - The Swillbillys - Will Scott - Chris Rene - MC Cambio - Monikape - The Shook Twins...        

Indigital Recording Studios - Santa Cruz

Indigital Recording Studios - Santa Cruz


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